Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu board is the most effective medium for communication in quick service restaurants. Placed behind the cashier, these boards offer great opportunity for point of sale marketing which is most effective. The underlying principle that works here is that ‘Food is Beautiful’. When beautiful pictures/animated content is shown on high definition screens, the viewer cannot resist the temptation of wanting to try out the food item. High margin items can be effectively pushed using this medium leading to increase in bottomline for the restaurant owner.

Digital Menuboards eliminate the costs of repeated printing, shipping, installing & all the logistical activities involved in changing of the static posters in the restaurant. Effective dayparting in which different menu items are shown for different meals of the day like breakfast, lunch and dinner is easily achieved with digital menuboards. Further, price changes during special occasions and festivals can by done on the fly. Hundreds of outlets of any restaurant can be updated from any remote location at the click of a button using digital signage.

Guests remain entertained by showing live TV or other interesting content on the digital screens thereby reducing their perceived wait time. Regular centralized training for the employees can be carried out during non-business hours resulting in improved customer experience.