Led Pharmacy Scrolling Displays

LED Scrolling displays or LED Message displays provide the most flexible solution available for a dynamic advertising medium or a source of community information. These displays feature effective text messages and high-powered graphic images in monochrome (single colour), multi colour or full color.

Our displays use energy-efficient, low-maintenance, light emitting diode (LED) technology with a half-life of approximately 60,000 to 100, 000 hours. These displays feature a variety of pixel pitches depending on the amount of detail desired and various viewing angles to meet different viewing needs.

Led Billboard Displays

Hit Your Target Market with GESAR Displays LED Billboards

Digital billboards used for Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising have proven to be effective at attracting, engaging and converting buyers. But for a truly smart investment, you need a platform that delivers strong ROI, long-term reliability and effortless operation. That’s GESAR Displays. Our energy-efficient, large-format displays provide brilliant, impactful colour and deployment flexibility along with dazzling long-term low cost-of-ownership.

Engage people with digital advertising content at eye level as they walk through campuses or outlet shopping malls. A sleek design enhances the message and complements surrounding architecture.

Led Pharmacy Sign Board

The green cross is internationally recognised as the universal symbol of the pharmacy. However, there are green crosses and then there are green crosses by GESAR Displays.

GESAR Displays manufactures a range of LED display boards and signage which is designed specifically for pharmacies and hospitals, including LED pharmacy signs. It is vital to your business that you stand out from the crowd and it is also vital for your customers to be able to find you. This is especially important at night, or at distance. Our innovative LED pharmacy displays will ensure that they can.

Led Ticker Displays

LED ticker displays presents live data such as stock market data, news headlines, RSS Feeds, twitter feeds, brief messages etc. These displays can either be monochrome displays (single colour LED displays) or full colour text and graphics only displays.

Led Transport Displays

LED Scrolling displays (LED Moving displays) specifically designed for the mass transit passenger transport systems provide clear and attractive information to passenger and on lookers in the fast and rapid transportation world. Displays like Railway platform displays; PID (passenger information displays), On Board bus information displays systems, Intelligent transportation systems for highways and parking lots, Integrated bus station / bus stop information display systems are some of the examples of displays application in transportation industry.