Led Moving Displays In Railways

India is known to be operating one of the busiest railways in the world and information provided to the passengers becomes a very important factor.

Passenger information display systems, platform displays are highly integrated solutions for the railway passenger information management system. Combinations of a single colour static, scrolling and multi colour LED displays can be integrated along with excellent user friendly content management system to provide crisp and up to date information to the high paced railway transportation system.

Bus Stations
Led Moving Displays Bus Destination Boards

Similar to railway stations, bus stations are a mass transit transportation hubs and in a busy environment providing crisp and up to date information to passengers if very important.

Intelligent transportation systems
Led Moving Displays Intelligent Transportation

Whether it is in a national highway, state highway or a bypass road or a multi level parking lot; navigating towards the correct direction is useful and path guidance information are attractively provided to the users through high quality single, multi or full colour LED displays with capabilities to update content from a central location over the internet in a secured manner.

Bus Destination boards
Led Moving Displays Bus Destination Boards

The bus LED destination sign has an incomparable visual effect. The signs are easily visible day and night and in many weather conditions through high definition characters, 120° horizontal visibility, and high intensity. Signs are designed in such a way to maintain easily due to lightweight and long life LED.

High performance LED in amber or red color is available and a light weight aluminium or MS panel. Destination can be easily updated via RS232 through multilingual GESAR Displays software.