Led Pharmacy Displays

The green cross is internationally recognized as the universal symbol of the pharmacy. However, there are green crosses and then there are green crosses by GESAR Displays.

GESAR Displays manufactures a range of LED display boards and signage which is designed specifically for pharmacies. It is vital to your business that you stand out from the crowd and it is also vital for your customers to be able to find you. This is especially important at night, or at distance. Our innovative LED pharmacy displays will ensure that they can.

“We are probably the first in India to introduce MADE IN INDIA – Pharmacy crosses with text and graphics”

Because we manufacture our LED pharmacy displays, the possibilities for your digital signage are endless. You can choose from pre-existing designs or we can create custom boards and displays which are unique to your business, purpose and location. This means that no matter the message you want to put across and however you want to say it, GESAR Displays can help you reach your customers.