LED Displays

YES! These are LED TV’s where most that are sold as in TV Showrooms are just conventional TV’s that are backlit by LED. Our LED systems have no limitation on size and offer much higher brightness and vivid pictures.

Virtually any size that you can practically think of

LED screens win hands down over projection (we would say that) for many reasons including projections inability to show high brightness levels meaning it is only really suitable for indoor use and the limited colour depth. Projectors also require a high level of costs due to service such as replacing bulbs and engines.

Up to 2 years for product replacement warranty and Up to 5 years for service warranty. Please check the terms provided along with your product purchase.

We offer 24hr tech support and if that doesn’t work we dispatch an engineer instantly in most cases

Standard AC mains power supply is required.

Through standalone software in a windows PC or through internet, content to be displayed is collated. This content is then sent to a receiving card inbuilt into the displays using different modes of data transfer medium such as a LAN port, COM port or USB. In some cases, a sending box is required in between PC and the display.