P10 Outdoor LED video display installation in Thiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu

Top 5 Criteria to select an outdoor LED Video wall

P10 Outdoor LED video display installation in Thiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu

Determine the suitable screen size

Identify the location of installation and the minimum and maximum viewing distance of average viewers of the screen. The minimum viewing distance would allow for the screen resolution of 6mm pixel pitch or 10mm pixel pitch etc. The maximum viewing distance would allow the required length and height of the screen. For instance, if you require the screen to be viewable from a distance of 100 meters of the road, then you should at least have a 8 ft height led display.

Video Processing type

Type of content that you want to display plays a major role in selecting the video processing equipment. If you are going to play only recorded videos then a dedicated external video processing equipment won’t be needed, while for live streaming it will be needed. An external video processing equipment can add to the overall investment and subsequent operating cost of the display.

Reliable power supply source

In Indian conditions, it is important to consider the current consumption and power supply sources provided to the display. It is highly recommended that a good quality voltage stabilizer is installed to avoid frequent issues with the power supply failures which are mostly due to fluctuations.

Thermal management capability of the display

Check out for the thermal management system provided with the LED Display. It is of high importance in hot tropical indian climate. LED video displays can get really hot while in the operating condition. Along with external temperature, components can worn out quicker than their life time.

Warranty and after sales support along with spares

You must ensure that a satisfactory warranty packages and after sales support are provided along with the display. Also, make sure that the supplier is capable of providing after sales support.


Author:  Ganesh Sundararaj,

Specialist of LED Video displays @GESAR Displays Pvt Ltd.